Edmund Tirbutt


On the clock: time and attendance tools

Edmund Tirbutt, 02 Apr 2015

As new ways of flexible working permeate our lives, time and attendance tools are becoming increasingly...


Everything you need to know about CDC pensions

Edmund Tirbutt, 18 Sep 2014

Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) schemes could increase pension pots by up to 30%. But are they...


Is private medical insurance still a benefit worth having?

Edmund Tirbutt, 25 Jun 2014

Will changes to private medical insurance (PMI) provision have any impact on the PMI market and those...

The Generation Game

Edmund Tirbutt, 30 May 2014

As the workforce gets older, companies need to recognise the skills and benefits these employees bring,...

Are SMEs heading for an auto-enrolment pensions provider crunch?

Edmund Tirbutt, 20 Mar 2014

Auto-enrolment looms for small companies yet many are dreading the prospect as traditional pension providers...

Everything you ever wanted to know about RTI

Edmund Tirbutt, 05 Mar 2013

The switch to Real Time Information (RTI) is the most significant change to the PAYE system since 1944....

HR reward special 6/7: the impact of pensions auto-enrolment on other employee benefits

Edmund Tirbutt, 12 Sep 2012

Pensions auto-enrolment will inevitably have implications for employee benefits and reward systems, and...

HR technology special 5/7: Do employers need a social media policy at work, or just common sense?

Edmund Tirbutt, 22 Jun 2012

HR departments are finding themselves responsible for holding a mountain of personal data online, where...

HR health and wellbeing special 4/6: No employer can afford to ignore musculo-skeletal cases

Edmund Tirbutt, 13 Apr 2012

Musculo-skeletal injuries have, according to official statistics, been decreasing slightly since 2009,...

HR health and wellbeing special 3/6: Can workforce resilience be nurtured to cope with economic downturn, bereavement, conflict and mental health concerns?

Edmund Tirbutt, 12 Apr 2012

Although some commentators see ‘resilience’ simply as the latest buzzword for managing stress, in...

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