Workers aged 30-49 have worst health and wellbeing, AXA finds


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Workers aged 30-49 are suffering from the worst health and wellbeing in the workforce, taking more sick days than any other age group, according to research by AXA PPP healthcare.

The research of over 2,000 employees found people in this age bracket took an average 2.3 sick days in the past six months. In this age group, 12% of workers have taken the equivalent of a working week off sick in the past six months, compared to 6% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 5% of 50- to 69-year-olds.

Those aged 30-49 are also the most stressed, with 38% saying they feel stressed most of the time. The biggest causes of stress are financial worries (43%) and work pressure (41%).

In addition to these health and wellbeing concerns, 29% of this age group reported feeling as if their career path has reached a plateau and 27% said their employment situation does not allow them to pursue their life priorities. A further 15% think they don’t have a career path.

AXA PPP healthcare medical director for health services, Steve Iley encouraged employers to “proactively address” this age group to increase motivation at work.

“Employers need to support their workers’ mental and physical health. Offering positive steps to ensure wellbeing now will help to ensure resilience in future,” he added.

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