Up front: Glad we did that - Health and safety


Who: Network Rail
What: Internal communications campaign
Why: To raise awareness of health and safety

Few jobs can be as dangerous as a railway maintenance - just ask NetworkRail. It recorded 30 fatalities between 1995 and 2005, and so decided toraise awareness of health and safety among all of its 15,000 maintenanceworkers. Enlisting the services of marketing agency Aqueduct it devisedan internal communications campaign. This included the production offilms highlighting the dangers of working on the track, with ongoingplans to update them every year. The films have proved so popular thatthe firm's contractors also want to use them. Posters and quizzes weredistributed around depots and a new website is on the way. Results showthat 70% of staff believe the programme changed the way they think aboutsafety while they work.

"The railways have always been a dangerous place to work, so we neededto get a whole raft of messages to our employees," says Mark Shaoul,Network Rail's head of internal communications. "The campaign really hitthe right tone and has proved a great success."

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