Software firm Atlassian goes on European bus tour to recruit 15 developers in 15 days


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With sights set on hiring 15 developers in 15 days, software company Atlassian is heading to London to launch a European "Recruitment Roadshow" bus tour.

A team from Atlassian's Engineering department will be riding a bus to visit four European cities - London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid - to recruit 15 senior software developers to relocate to the company's Sydney, Australia-based headquarters.

Participants will be picked up from various locations around each city, bused to a secret pub location for an evening of socialising with Atlassian's Engineering team over beers and informal talks. Formal interviews will take place in each city for two days.

Joris Luijke, Atlassian's VP of talent and HR, said: "Atlassian is rapidly expanding at an incredible pace. The quickest way for us to grow is by attracting some of the best and brightest developers from Europe. We're planning to invest millions in new engineering jobs at Atlassian this year, so now is a great time to join.

"With European newspapers reporting a continued slump in its economy, I expect more Australian tech companies to recruit in Europe."

Australia's Silicon Beach has a large and thriving community of highly successful software companies. Atlassian a provider of collaboration software for developer teams, is one of Australia's 'Best Employers' as voted by the Great Places to Work institute and by Hewitt.

The company will take care of arranging work VISAs for those hired as well as their partners, cover all relocation expenses, and offer a slew of additional perks.

Starting today, Atlassian will begin pre-screening applicants for interview spots in each city. The company is looking for strong Java and JavaScript developers who have an average of six years experience and are passionate about making an impact on the future of software development. Interested candidates are encouraged to sign up now for one of the bus tours to learn more about employment opportunities and relocation to the company's Sydney office. Candidates can also apply for one of these 15 positions by submitting an application for an interview.



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