Personal resilience: shaping the work experiences of today’s middle manager


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Resilience: a word commonly cited in the media to describe certain adaptive behaviours and used when referring to those recovering from loss or illness, performance in endurance challenges, success in sporting events and now more than ever to explain how today's manager responds to the demands of the uncertain global economy.

Alex Davda, a researcher at Ashridge Business School, has been seeking to understand personal resilience in managers and shares these insights by comparing two very different ways that managers may cope with pressure, emphasising the findings of our current research and how resilience serves as an important personal recourse, during increasingly difficult times.

Read his findings here

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Edward E Lawler

Edward E Lawler, director, Center for Effective Organizations and distinguished professor of business, University of Southern California

Edward E Lawler has been honoured as a top contributor to the fields of organisational development and behaviour, corporate governance, compensation and HR management. As well as being a director of research group the Center for Effective Organizations, he is the University of Southern California’s distinguished professor of business.

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