Learnpurple launches fresh 90-minute approach to L&D


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Talent management company Learnpurple has reinvigorated and improved its learning and development programme, following consultation with clients, talent management consultants and development specialists.

The new style 'Purple Learning Days' are designed to educate, inspire and motivate employees. Each day consists of five 90-minute learning bites, which use accelerated learning, practical examples and inventive development techniques to develop attitude, skills and knowledge among delegates. Attendees can chose one, some or all five sessions, meaning they do not necessarily have to be out of their workplace for a whole day.

Helen Flint, learning and development director for Learnpurple (pictured), said: "In the ten years Learnpurple has been in business, learning and development methods and formats have changed dramatically. This is why we spoke with many of our clients; finding out what they really need now from learning sessions.

"They told us the 90-minute learning breakfast sessions that were already in place were excellent. However, running a single session several times a month was no longer time- and cost-effective. They also loved the style of our hugely successful 'Purple Leadership Programme', which grouped topics into specific skill sets and were ran as a half-day course.

"It was from this feedback the 'Purple Learning Days' were created – targeting specific groups, from developing leaders to those wishing to create service excellence, with each exploring five essential topics under one key theme."

Learnpurple research has continued to highlight learning and development and career progression as key motivators for employees. However, with economic pressures remaining, organisations are finding it increasingly more difficult to justify sending their people on lengthy development courses. Using the 90-minute, learning-bite approach, delegates obtain a wealth of knowledge in less than two hours, with the tips and tools provided able to be used immediately upon return to the workplace.

Flint added: "By breaking up the key theme into manageable 90-minute topics, our learning bite presenters can create a fun and engaging atmosphere which helps delegates feel refreshed, motivated and buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm.

"On top of this, because our courses are not formally accredited, all of our sessions are participant-led, meaning the course is adapted on the day depending on the needs of those in the room. By taking this daring approach, creativity and flexibility are not stifled, which therefore increases the benefit to our delegates."

'Creating leaders at all levels' is the first Purple Learning Day and will be held at the Royal College of Physicians, London on Wednesday 26 October.

Specifically for developing leaders, this encompasses: building teams to achieve greater results; creating a positive impact through effective communication; effective time management; managing conflict; and creating high-performing teams.

Purple Learning Days will be available in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Arab Emirates in due course.


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