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When searching for the best talent, you would be wise to hire individuals who can bring commando experience and military ethos to your organisation. There is an enormous pool of talented veterans who have proven themselves to be outstanding leaders and critical team players. No doubt, among them are many of our next great business leaders.

They have to be resilient to survive, quick-witted to thrive. They need to have ideas and deliver them with great speed. And that is what the military is trained to do. Here are just some of the traits that military training brings and that your organisation would benefit from by hiring veterans:


Members of the military typically possess many of the same characteristics of successful innovators and entrepreneurs: strong self- efficacy, high need for achievement, autonomy, and decisive actions in the face of uncertainty and dynamic environments.

Technical training

The military exposes individuals to highly advanced technology and technology training. This enhances their ability to address organisational challenges with technological solutions across job categories and industries.


Military personnel exhibit high levels of resilient behaviour due to the requirement they continually adapt to changing environments and responsibilities. They have learned to thrive in a variety of settings, overcome hardships and trauma and excel in the face of adversity. Studies have found that military veterans generally develop an enhanced ability to bounce back (and regain productivity) from failed professional and/or personal experiences more quickly and more completely than those who have not served.

High-performing teams

Military experience emphasises organising and defining team goals and missions, team member roles and responsibilities, and action plans. Research suggests veterans can integrate and contribute to a team and that their experience and mindset empower them to enable high-performing teams in an organisational setting.

Cross-cultural experience

Veterans have more international experience, speak more languages, and possess greater cultural sensitivity than their civilian peers. This is a must for any firm in a global business environment.

Hiring veterans increases an organisation's ability to thrive in a challenging economic environment, empowers companies to win against competitors, and most importantly, allows you to give back to those who served.

Damian McKinney, CEO, McKinney Rogers, is the author of The Commando Way

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