Capita Hartshead staff use board games to teach school children about business


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Volunteers from pensions advisory firm Capita Hartshead will today swap their desks for a snakes and ladders board, as part of a project to teach school children about business.

To play the game, pupils at the Southey Primary School in Sheffield will each be allocated a profession.

As they move around the board they will encounter snakes which discipline them for misdemeanours, such as being late or failing to work as part of a team; this sets them back in their careers. The ladders represent praise and could, for example, be a job promotion for working hard.

Mike Addenbrooke, CEO of Capita Hartshead, said: "The idea of this game is to help children understand the links between how they behave, what they learn at school and how to get on in the work place. The discipline snakes and reward ladders tie in with the school's core values and the aim is for the children to recognise that these values must be carried over into the world of work."

"This is one of a number of initiatives our staff have been involved with in the Sheffield community. It is important to us, as one of the largest employers in the area, to engage in local projects and we know that the volunteers really enjoy the time they spend working on these ventures."

The initiative, known as the Southey RAVE (Raising Aspiration and the Value of Education) is run by the charity Business in the Community (BITC). The format was piloted in Leeds where it was a huge success and it is intended that similar events will be held in other areas of Sheffield.

Approximately 90 pupils aged 10 and 11 are expected to be involved during the day. BITC will conduct a pre and post event survey at the school to assess the impact the day's events have had on the children.


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